How to Add or Edit Account Contact Information

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The contacts listed in your account are how you can control what information goes to different areas/people within your company. 

Here is how to edit your account contacts:
  1. Go to the Account menu
  2. Click on Account Maintenance 
  3. On the right of the screen, click on the Contacts tab (this will take you to a list of contacts for your account)

To Edit a contact after accessing the Contact Info panel, click View / Edit, to the right of an existing contact

  1. Next you can change any of the fields for this contact. NOTE: The Email and Last Name fields are required
  2. Click Save when you are done

To Add a New Contact:

  1. In the contact list for your account, click the Add New Contact button
  2. Enter the details for your new contact
  3. Click Save when done 

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