How to Setup Payment Processing

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Integrate with real-time payment processors to accept online credit card payment! 

DistributorCentral currently supports the following payment processors:

Setup Payment Processing

  1. While logged into your DistributorCentral account, click on Integrations in the menu on the leftfile-0cUuZvBQrN.png

  2. Next, on the Integrations page, you'll find the Accounting & Payment section with available payment typesfile-Rhjbb5lUG3.png

  3. Click "Set up" under the payment type you'd like to connect to your account
    1. Please note: Only one payment processor can be connected to your DC account at a time

  4. Next, enter the information requested in the pop up that appears (the information needed will vary for each payment processor)file-Pp36Q0XyXW.png
  5. Click Savefile-MtmZMpExRA.png

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