Invoices: Credit/Refund

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The DistributorCentral order management system allows you to apply a refund to an invoice that has been Paid or Marked as Paid.

  1. You can either do a search for the order number from your home dashboard, or click the Recent Orders link in the orders drop down box at the top right of your dashboard
  2. Click on the order number you need to edit
  3. Scroll down to the Invoice to Customer section
  4. Click on Record Payments/Credit button
  5. Enter in the amount
  6. Next in the Transaction Type dropdown menu choose Credit/Refund
  7. Enter in a Memo if need be
  8. Select the type of processing you need under the Merchant Account Processing box BEFORE submitting the refund
  9. Click Submit

Note: When return to the Order Summary page on the Invoice To Customer / Payments From Customer section you will see Payments which shows the remaining balance and the last payment you just submitted. 

If you need to zero out your invoice you will want to apply a Sales Adjustment.

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