Sales Tax: How to Mark a Customer as Tax Exempt

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Turn off sales tax calculations for customers who are tax-exempt within DistributorCentral.

  1. While logged into DistributorCentral, click the Customers to the leftfile-Uz6aM1bWtw.png

  2. In your Customer Search page, enter your customer's company name and click Search

  3. Find your customer in the search results

  4. To the far right of your Customer's record, click the pencil iconfile-fyACuekUGk.png

  5. Next, click Terms at the top of the customer records

  6. On your customers terms section, find "Is Customer Taxable?"file-hH6uvaG3pD.png

  7. Select No under "Is Customer Taxable?"

  8. Click Save Changes before leaving this pagefile-CKKIsA2BDz.png

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