Sales Tax: How to Select States You Charge Tax In

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Configure your DistributorCentral's sales tax preferences to automatically handle tax calculations on orders from certain states.

Here's how to select states you charge sales tax in:

  1. While logged into DistributorCentral, click the Account menu to the leftfile-Ys0eN2Cxma.png

  2. Next, choose Preferencesfile-mb4K7Iul6i.png

  3. Then click Account Preferences. (This will take you to your Account Preferences page)file-auFrnW1aGp.png

  4. On the Account Preferences page, click Taxes (3) in the left preference categoriesfile-YV2xRoxBgt.png

  5. Under the "Which states do your charge sales tax?" preference, select the states that you charge tax infile-DO2UlIQhV8.png

  6. Click Save to save your changes

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