QuickBooks: How to Create the Sales Tax Payable to DC Account in QuickBooks

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The DistributorCentral QuickBooks Export/Import process requires that you have an Accounts Receivable, Sales, and Sales Tax Payable to DC account setup within QuickBooks. If you are exporting Purchase Orders to Suppliers, you must have Purchase Orders enabled within QuickBooks as well.

Please note:
DistributorCentral uses default account names that will likely match your account names in QuickBooks, however these account names could've changed to meet your accountant's needs. If you encounter an error when importing DC files into QuickBooks, please check that you are using the correct account names found in your QuickBooks account

Follow these steps to create the required Sales Tax Payable to DC account in QuickBooks:

  1. In QuickBooks, click Lists in the top menufile-fsQSH2r8A9__1_.png

  2. Choose Chart of Accountsfile-aa8PVj3zYh__1_.png

  3. At the bottom of the Chart of Accounts, click Account

  4. Click New in the Account menufile-9R7oqNzcis.png

  5. In the Add New Account dialog, select Other Account Types then choose Accounts Receivablefile-h9mL77w4Yo.png

  6. Click Continuefile-ToXhfTzUEt.png

  7. In the Account Name field, enter "Sales Tax Payable to DC" exactly as shown here (case sensitive)file-PZCaCS8KGy.png

  8. Lastly, click Save & Closefile-BnqXVwFES1.png

Thats it! Your Sales Tax Payable to DC is now setup within your QuickBooks account. 

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