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PayPal is one of 7 payment methods that you can integrate with your DistributorCentral account. Before setting up your DistributorCentral account with this payment type, you will first need to have an account with PayPal. Once your account is setup with PayPal, you can setup your distributor account for online payments. Click here to learn how >> 

To help with your DistributorCentral account's payment setup, please review breakdown of the 3 PayPal account subscriptions compatible with DistributorCentral.

1. PayPal – Real-Time Merchant

This DistributorCentral payment method is used with the standard free PayPal account and uses PayPal's own payment gateway called Payflow Link. If you have this payment method setup in your DistributorCentral account your customers will be able to select PayPal as a payment type when ordering on your website.  Once their order is submitted, your customer will be routed to a secure PayPal hosted payment page offsite to complete their payment transaction using any number of Credit / Debit / PayPal methods.

NOTE: This option is not applicable to the "PayOnline Now" link on invoices.  Also once a payment is made you will need to check your PayPal account in order to see the payment.

Required PayPal account details for payment setup: Email address

2. Credit Card - PayPal Payflow Pro

The next level up from the standard free PayPal option (PayPal — Real-Time Merchant) is the PayPal Payflow Pro account. This account uses the same Payflow gateway as previously mentioned above, but with Payflow Pro, you can connect to your own merchant account. When customers place an order on your website, they never leave your website to submit payment, instead, they enter their payment details within your secure DistributorCentral website.

Required PayPal account details for payment setup: Partner, Vendor, Password, User

3. Credit Card - PayPal Payments Pro

This is the top tier PayPal level that your DistributorCentral account will integrate with. It has all the features of the previous 2 PayPal levels, in addition to many other PayPal features (such as invoicing, and compatibility with PayPal Wallet) that make it a comprehensive merchant solution. Learn More about PayPal Payments Pro >>

Required PayPal account details for payment setup: Login, Password, Signature

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