Settle Payments Automatically when P.O. is Sent to Supplier

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When you setup your payment processor for use within DistributorCentral, by default, your customers' credit cards' are only  authorized when an order is placed on your website. This is to ensure that orders placed on your site include a valid credit card and allows you to look over the order and make changes (if necessary) before settling the transaction. DistributorCentral gives you the flexibility to change this default action to another automated settling action that fits your company's needs.

To settle payments automatically when the status of a Purchase order is changed to "Placed", we need to set an "action" to settle that transaction when you send the order to the supplier. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Accounts
  2. Click Misc 
  3. Select Action Status
  4. Look for the status "Placed"
  5. Click Add Action
  6. In the Action menu, choose "Credit Card - Settle Customer Card (Distributors)"
  7. Choose Yes to "Always run action?"
  8. Save your changes
  9. Now when you send a Purchase Order to a Supplier, the customer payment that was previously authorized, will be picked up for settlement by your payment processor. 
  10. You should see that money in your payment account within a few days.

Note: To settle a transaction is to collect the authorized funds from the customer's payment account.

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