Getting Started: Sales Tax

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Configure your DistributorCentral's sales tax preferences to automatically handle tax calculations on orders from certain states or for certain customers. You can also set up custom tax rates, then enable sales tax calculations on shipping charges, and more!

Tax Calculations in DistributorCentral

DistributorCentral uses TaxJar, a reliable 3rd party tax solution, to apply up-to-date tax rate calculations to your customer orders.

Tax calculation services are free to all Distributorcentral users! 

Sales Tax Reporting

Export DC's Sales Tax report to get in depth details on sales taxes applied to your orders. The report provides tax amounts, tax rates, and tax totals; broken down by state, city,  county, and special jurisdictions. The information provided in our Sales Tax report should make filing taxes easier for you or your accountant. 

Start Configuring your Sales Tax Settings in DC

  1. First, Setup Sales Tax by State (recommended). Or Setup Custom Tax Rate (in-state only)
  2. Then, choose whether to Charge Sales Tax on Shipping Charges
  3. Learn How to Mark a Customer as Tax Exempt
  4. Lastly, you may need to Turn off Sales Tax Calculation on DC Websites

* DistributorCentral does not file or remit sales taxes on your behalf. Check with tax authorities or a tax accountant to make sure you file and remit taxes correctly.

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