How to Add ads.txt File to Your Website

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Follow these steps to add your Google ads.txt file to your DistributorCentral account. 
* Before you start, you must have your ads.txt file created and downloaded. Learn more >>

To start, we'll upload your ads.txt file to your Document Library

  1. Log in to your DistributorCentral account and open your website editor
    How to Open the Website Editor
  2. With the Website Editor open, click Library to the top leftfile-QyQ7MTIhME.png
  3. Under Library, click Documentsfile-DLv0cVsBdM.png

  4. In Edit Documents, click Upload Documentsfile-3axmHzT0WT.png

  5. Next, under Upload Documents, click Select Filesfile-rJ7VnUvJfk.png

  6. Find & open the ads.txt file
  7. The document will upload, once the upload is complete, click Donefile-994PBIK6JU.png

  8. Click Done again in the Edit Documents sectionfile-Wu3eDcPqb0.png

Now that the ads.txt file is uploaded to your DC website, we'll create a Custom URL so the document can be found by Google

  1. Under Library, click Custom URLsfile-CAfiYfbhzh.png

  2. Next, click Add New Custom URLfile-Vh8I8nsslD.png

  3. In the New Custom URL box change the URL Slug to ads.txtfile-EDdwTJV8LH.png

  4. Change the Link Type to Documentfile-c1EUmCuHhf.png

  5. Click Change Documentfile-umSzMb2Oya.png

  6. In the Select Document box, click your ads.txt filefile-ffZ1InM26n.png
    (Your file should show above the Change Document button after selection)file-au3QRpDRtM.png

  7. Next, click Save New Custom URLfile-Nry6LvtFtC.png

  8. Lastly, click Done in the Custom URLs boxfile-Wu3eDcPqb0.png

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