How to Change the Collection Select Display

Show a Product Collection select screen when someone lands on your catalog page, or choose to direct them to a specific Collection. Here's how:

If you haven't already, launch the website editor by going to the Websites menu

  1. Select Hosting Manager 
  2. Click Manage to the right of your website
  3. Click Edit to launch the website editor

Now that the website editor is open...

  1. Locate and click on the Pages button on the left panel, towards the top of your screen 
  2. Now click on catalog to load your catalog page
  3. When the catalog page has loaded, double-click on the catalog block so you can edit it
  4. The Catalog block editor, find the "Show Collection Select Screen?" section
    1. Select YES if you'd like to show ALL of the Collections published to your website
    2. Select NO and select either "All Collections" or a specific Collection if you want to direct your customer to that particular Collection and hide others
  5. Click Done again to close the Catalog block editor
  6. Save your changes

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