Add a Collection Link to an Image in a Written Content block

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This article will explain how to add a written content block with images that link to specific website Product Collections.

  1. First, Create the Product Collection that you want the image to link to - See how to create a website Product Collection here
  2. Next, create the Product Collection link(s) - Learn how to Create a Product Collection Link in your website.
  3. Now, Upload image to your image library - Learn how to upload an image
  4. Add a Written Content block - See how to add a block here
    1. Insert the image into the Written Content block - Learn how to insert an image
    2. Type in a title or other text that you may want included in this block (text can be added above or below the image) 
    3. Link the image & any text to the catalog link you've created in step 2 - See how to add a link
  5. Adjust the width of Written Content block as needed - Learn how to adjust a block's width
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 to create multiple blocks with links

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