Switch a Website to a Template

If you have a website that you've spent time designing, configuring, and optimizing, you may want to use that website as a starting point for other websites such as niche websites, company stores, or sale reps. All you need to do is switch your website to a template, and it will be available within your accounts (and child accounts) template lists any time you add a new website. Here's how to make your website available in your templates lists: 

  1. While logged in to your DistributorCentral dashboard, click the Websites menu on the left hand side
  2. Click Hosting Manager in the sub-menu
  3. From the Hosting Manager page, find your website you'd like to make a template, then click Manage to the far right of it
  4. On the next page you will find the Template toggle button at the bottom of the Details section. The toggle should be gray and show an "x" representing its NOT a template. 
  5. Click on the Template toggle to activate the website as a template. (the toggle should turn green and show a checkmark indicating its activated)  
  6. Wait until a green message appears in the to right of your screen to ensure the change is saved. 
  7. Now your website should appear in your template list for you to create new websites from. 

NOTE: Keep in mind that once a new website is created based off of the template, the new website is no longer tied to the original template. Changes made to your main website will not flow through to websites created off of it. 

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