Show Only the Regular Product Version on Website

Product versions could have different pricing, options, and production times, and can be used to allow out suppliers to display variations of an item such as Rush and other Imprint Decorations. You can turn off additional product versions on your website and only display the Regular (default) version by following these steps. 

While logged into your DistributorCentral account, access your website's preferences: 

  1. Click Websites in the left menu
  2. Choose Hosting Manager in the sub menu
  3. In the Hosting Manager, find your website and click Manage to the right
  4. From the Website Manager, click the Preferences link in the top right (next to the Edit button)

Now that you are in the website preferences we can locate the preference to only show Regular product versions: 

  1. Click Catalog (10) in the left side bar
  2. When the Catalog preferences load, find the fifth preference from the top labeled "Show only Regular product version pricing?"
  3. Click Yes in the options below
  4. Lastly, Save your changes.

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