How to Create a Link to an Image

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Follow these steps to add an image link to your link library: 

Note: You will need to have your image(s) already uploaded in your image library.  (click HERE to learn how)

  1. Open the Website Editor (click HERE to learn how)
  2. Once in the Website Editor click the Library button at the top left
  3. From the Library click on Images
  4. Once in Images click on the image you need to add a link too
  5. In the image details window click Copy to Clipboard to the right in the Sharing URLs field section
  6. Click Done
  7. Click Done again to close the Image Library
  8. Next, go back to the Library button at the top left
  9. From the Library click on Links
  10. Once in the Link Library click Add New Link at the top right
  11. Name your link under Link Name
  12. Once you have named your link paste the image link in the URL section
  13. After you have entered in a Link Name and URL click Save New Link
  14. Make sure to Save your changes

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