How to Create A Fulfillment Account

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A fulfillment account is a DistributorCentral child account type that allows distributors to add custom products for reselling on their websites. Products added to this account are only available to be added to websites tied to your parent account and are NOT added to the all products search. The main information for your fulfillment account should match your main company's information. Here is how you can add a fulfillment account

  1. Log in to your DistributorCentral distributor account
  2. Once logged in, click the Product menu to the left
  3. In the Account sub menu, click My Products (Fulfillment Account)
  4. To the right of your account, click the Login link to login to your account
  5. When you are logged into your fulfillment account, you can start adding custom products
  6. When you're ready to go back to your parent account, find your user dropdown at the top right of your dashboard that includes the user's first and last initials
  7. Within the user dropdown, click Switch Accounts to get back to your parent account

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