How to Export Your Customer List

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Export your customer list from DistributorCentral and upload them to software solutions like MailChimp.

  1. While logged into your DistributorCentral account, click Reports in the left side menufile-dzEzPvngNs__1_.png

  2. Next, click Reports Listfile-7bGyGyoNU3__1_.png

  3. In the Available Reports to Customize, find the Customers section and click the Customer List reportfile-vlaSha7OGq__1_.png

  4. On the Add Report page, you can name your new report if desired
    In this example, we'll leave the report names "Customer List" file-qX6RDKbDlP.png

  5. Click Submit 
    After submitting your new report, you'll be taken back to the Reports List pagefile-bfBlnlAyHW.png

  6. Under the Reports You Have Customized section, locate the new report you just createdfile-uryKyDclt3.png
  7. To the far right of your new report, click Viewfile-XgfTjM3ql3.png

  8. A new tab will open showing the report customizations at the top
    Until customizations have been applied, the report will be emptyfile-4XZaxx1r1g.png

  9. In the report customizations, change the Account Type to Buyerfile-VlF2JwXix4.png

  10. Next, adjust the Start Date & End Dates as necessaryfile-W4wOgyf2dm.pngBy default, the report includes customers created between a specific start and end date. However, you can override this to get the full list of customers in your account by checking the NULL checkbox shown directly to the right of the start date field as shown in this example:file-rufQEAer1Q.png

  11. After applying the appropriate Start & End dates, select a Contact Type that you'd like to show within the list
    Here we've chosen to export the customer's Main contact information:file-m5RMomrvtp.png

  12. Now, click View Report in the top rightfile-EVh8Ycm8Kl.pngThe Customer List will appear under the report customizations sectionfile-qY62RguX2b.png

  13. Lastly, click the Save icon and select a file type that you'd like to export this report asfile-x8CTlyCQ2E.png

  14. Thats it! After clicking a file type in the Save menu, your Customer List will automatically begin

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