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In your DistributorCentral account you can offer discounts to your customers. 

  • Offer a percentage discount if your customer order totals more than a given amount
  • Offer a fixed discount if your customer order totals more than a given amount
  • Offer a discount on freight costs by percentage or a flat rate
  • Offer a promo code type of discount by percentage or flat rate and other ways as well 

To utilize this new feature:

  1. From within your DistributorCentral dashboard click the Accounts menu
  2. Choose Discounts 
  3. Now click on Add New Discount to the right.
  4. Then, you will be asked to provide the following details about this discount:
    1. Discount Name (* required, shown on the order)
    2. Discount ID (* required, only shown to you for reference)
    3. Description (optional) 
    4. What website this will be available on? (All or a specific website only)
    5. Is there a start & end date? If not, leave blank.
    6. Can this discount be combined with other offers? (yes or no) 
    7. Should this discount become immediately active? (If not, select No and you can come in at a later time to activate this discount)
  5. Once this information is provided, click Save to continue on to the next step in creating your discount.

The next step of creating your discount includes applying discount rules. Within the rules, you'll apply the discount Trigger and discount Effect

  • Triggers - put together, what trigger variable, operator, and trigger value will create the event to qualify an order for this discount? Is it applied by using a specific promo code, an order value that is greater than $100, or an order that has 10 items in it? (etc.)  
  • Effects - when the discount qualifies for an order, what effect does it have on the order? Does it take 5% off the product total, freight charges, order total, etc? 

Start by adding a trigger:

  1. Click on Add New Trigger in the top right box
  2. Enter your trigger variable. The trigger variable decides what part of the order will trigger the discount
  3. Then select an operator. The operator defines the relationship between the trigger variable (what you set up in the last step) and the trigger value (what you will set up in the next step) 
  4. Next, define a trigger value. The trigger value will determine the final piece of criteria needed for the discount to be triggered and will vary depending on the operator you set up in step 3
  5. Now click Save to save the discount trigger

The last part is to add a discount effect:

  1. Click on Add New Effect in the lower right box (under the Triggers box)
  2. Enter the effect variable first. What part of the order will the discount effect? freight total, product total, or grand total?
  3. Define the type of effect. Will this be a flat discount off, percent discount off, or a set value?
    1. Flat Discount is a set value off of the target number (i.e. $5 off shipping) 
    2. Percentage Discount applies a percentage off of the target value (i.e. 10% off shipping
    3. Set Value sets the target value to the number you provided (i.e. make the shipping total $10) (edited) 
  4. Enter a effect value. A numeric value specifying the effect of the discount
  5. Now click Save to save the discount effect

You can add multiple triggers and multiple effects if needed to each discount you enter. 

When the discount is applied to an order it will show as a line item in the order details as well as above the order total.

Discount example:
In this example, a Distributor is offering a coupon code percentage discount to any customer who saw his ad in the local paper.
This is how it is set up in DC: 


  • Trigger Variable - Coupon Code 
  • Trigger Operator – Equal to 
  • Trigger Value – News (the code to be entered by the customer) 


  • Effect Variable – Grand Total 
  • Effect – Percentage Discount 
  • Effect Value – 15 (for 15%)



  • When you set up the discount as a promocode:
    • The customer will see a "Coupon Code" box on the same page that they select their payment.
  • If it is just a discount based on an order total:
    • the customer will not see anything regarding the discount until the order review and confirmation page. 
    • The discount is applied to the TOTALS box 
  • The Discount code also will display for the Distributor in the Order Summary: 

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