How to Create a Custom Website Theme w/ Your Company Colors

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A website theme consists of colors, fonts, and other website styles to make your website fit your company's brand. Here is how you can create a custom theme that uses your company's colors: 

  1. While logged into your dashboard, click Websites in the left menu
  2. Select Hosting Manager
  3. In your website hosting manager, click Edit Themes

  4. On the Themes page, choose Add New Theme

  5. Next, you will name your new themeadv_5_3.png

  6. Then choose a "base" theme to start with. 
    Tip: it's best to start with the theme your website is using nowadv_5_4.png

  7. Now click Create Theme

  8. Next, the Theme builder will open and you will see the Colors section to the leftadv_5_6.png

  9. Find the @brand-primary field within the Colors section and delete any existing valuesadv_5_7.png

  10. With the field empty, Enter your company's main color into the @brand-primary field
    IMPORTANT: This color must be added into the field in the following formats: 
    • HEX number, ex: #000000

    • RGB format, ex: rgb(0,0,0)

  11. When you've added your company's main color, click Save in the top right corner of the Theme editor
  12. Now that you've created your new theme, open your website's editor
  13. In the website editor, click Settings

  14. Under the Global Settings, change the Global Theme to your newly created Theme
    You should see the colors of your website change in the web editor visual edit section

  15. Click Save to save your changes

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