How to Enable the Virtual Designer on Your Website

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Add the Virtual Designer on your website by following these steps.

First, ensure the Product Configurator is activated on your website: 

  1. In the left menu, select Websites
  2. Click Hosting Manager

  3. In the Hosting Manager, click Manage to the right of your websiteadv_6_2.png

  4. From the websites details page, click Edit in the top right to load the website editor

  5. With the website editor loaded, click Pages in the top left
  6. In the page list, click product

  7. On the Product page, double-click on the Product Block to edit it
  8. In the Product Block editor find the New Product Interface section at the bottom
  9. Under "Use new product interface?", click Yes
  10. Under "Show product configurator?" click Yes
  11. Click Doneadv_6_5.png

  12. Save your changesadv_6_6.png

With the Product Configurator active, enable the Product Designer Preference for your website:

  1. Back on the website details page, click Preferencesadv_6_7.png

  2. In the Website Preferences page, click Customization

  3. Under Enable Product Designer option choose Yes

  4. Click Save

Lastly, apply the Virtual Designer filter to your product collections to only show products that are set up for the Virtual Design tool:

  1. In the left menu, select Websites
  2. Click Hosting Manager

  3. In the Hosting Manager, click Manage to the right of your websiteadv_6_11.png

  4. In the Website Details page, click Manage in the Product Collections sectionadv_6_12.png

  5. In the Global Filters section, click Add Global Filteradv_6_13.png

  6. In the Add Global Filter window, find the Ordering section 
  7. Click Virtual Designer under the Ordering sectionadv_6_14.png

  8. Ensure that "True" and Include only matching products is selected
  9. Click Saveadv_6_15.png

  10. Publish your changes under the Overview section in your Product Collection Manageradv_6_16.png




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