How to Add a Sub Domain

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Adding a sub domain allows you to map a unique host name (other than www) to a website.  An example of a sub domain would be, whereas your main domain mapping would be  

Note: You have to already have your domain added to your DistributorCentral account (click HERE to learn how) before you can create a Sub Domain

    1. Once you log into your DistributorCentral account click Websites on the left side menu
    2. Next click on Hosting Manager
    3. Once you get to the Websites List, click Manage next to the website in question
    4. From here click on Link Domain on the right side
    5. Once the Link Website Domain box pops up enter in your sub domain in the Host Name section
      Note: The mapping of your sub domain will not affect any other domain mappings (i.e.
    6. After you enter in your sub domain click on the drop down box to the right and select your domain
    7. Click Add
    8. You see a green progression box pop up in the top right as it is being saved.  Once it is finished your Sub Domain has been created and linked to your site.

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