How to Create a Custom Product

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A Custom Product is a product fully customized (image, qty, pricing, description, etc) by a Distributor to be ordered by their Customers on their website.  You may want a custom product if you have a Company Store or need a product that is not currently in our database.  

Please note, before getting started you must have a Fulfillment account created. Log into your existing Fulfillment account.

  1. To start setting up your Custom Products, log in to your Fulfillment Account.
  2. Next, decide whether you'd like to Copy Supplier Products, Product Templates or Create Custom Products from Scratch
    1. Your Custom Products must have the following components to display:
      • item number
      • Item name 
      • Description OR bullet points 
      • At least one image
  3. Now that your product is setup, add your products to your website.

Once you have all minimum requirements met your product will display privately as expected. 

Watch this video series to learn more about

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