How to Order Products

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  1. Login to your DistributorCentral Dashboard
  2. Perform a product search to find a product you would like to order 


  3. Once you have found the product that you would like to order, simply select Order Now from the product details page to start 


  4. After clicking Order Now you are taken to the first order screen 
    1. You have two options on this order:
      1. Search and select an existing customer
      2. Or skip this step by clicking Next in the bottom right hand corner (you can add the customer later on in the Order process)


  5. On the next page you will type in a quantity for this order
  6. Click Next in the bottom right hand corner 
  7. Answer the Product Specific questions called “Options” for the product customization's. (This process will vary by product )
  8. Once you have selected the product customization options, you can upload your artwork on the following page 
  9. Once your artwork files are uploaded, click Next at the bottom right
  10. Enter in the PO Number (optional) 
  11. Choose a payment method
  12. Enter the shipping instructions 


  13. Once this info is entered click Next
  14. Review the Order 
  15. If everything looks correct, to the bottom right of the order review, you can complete the order. 
    1. You will see 3 options
      1. Create AND Send the PO to the Supplier (Send Now)
      2. Just Create the PO (Send Later)
      3. Do Nothing - Just Save Order (Save order)
    2. Check one of these boxes (NOTE: to send the order on to the Supplier, you will need to check Create AND Send PO(s))
  16. Click Send PO or Save Order (depending on the option you chose above)



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