How to View a Purchase Order's Proof History

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Learn how to view a Purchase Order's proof history by following these steps.

  1. While logged into DistributorCentral, click Ordersfile-kaXRBG7kGy__2_.png

  2. Choose Proofsfile-2ge1mbSEkY__2_.png

  3. Select Proofs from Suppliersfile-J7xmvadbrq__1_.png

  4. Next, in the Proofs from Suppliers order list, find the order you're working withfile-724MIfKmva__1_.png

  5. Click View to the far rightfile-1x8EZSvlHN__1_.png

  6. Next, click Proof History to view previous proof versions for this orderfile-PlghtsaOUc.png

  7. Click the Version to view the prooffile-q1445Iq6Ay.png


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