How to Set the Date Span Used to Display your Reorders

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By default, your Reorder Reminder list displays any order with a Reminder Date set within 30 days before and after the specified reorder date.
(For example, if an order has a reorder date of June 1, 2022, it will display in your reminder list from May 2, 2022 through July 1, 2022.)

Here is how you can customize this date span within your account preferences: 

  1. While logged into DC, click Account in the left menufile-qOHWkgLPCb.png

  2. Choose Preferencesfile-AyjIEjBgZ7.png

  3. Click Account Preferencesfile-JlsInJxBe0.png

  4. In the Account Preferences for your account, click the Orders category in the preference category box to the leftfile-2zoj5Lj2ZT.png

  5. Scroll down to find "How many days would you like orders to come up on the reorder reminder list?"file-5VFbMZcM2R.png

  6. Change the value in this fieldfile-tc0nh27a9z.png

  7. Click Save to save your changesfile-qLgxF7ZHVG.png

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