How to Add Shipment Tracking to an Order

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Add a shipment tracking number to a customer order by following these steps: 

  1. While logged into your DC account, open up the summary of the order you need to add the shipment tracking number to
  2. From the Order Summary page, scroll down to the Purchase Order to Supplier
  3. In the Purchase Order to Supplier click the Add link next to Shipment Trackingfile-NjeblzMv1T.png

  4. Next, select the Address and Product in the drop-down that this tracking number is for file-5AI61uTxyt.png

  5. Enter the Tracking Number nextfile-efvL0ur776.png

  6. Select the Tracking Number Typefile-r7fiBy03Gs.png

  7. Choose the Carrierfile-yn64KOA4le.png

  8. Click Add Tracking Numberfile-jR75IzR4oT.png

Once the number has been added to your Purchase order, you will see it in the Customer Order details.

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