How to Change Shipping Preferences

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Suppliers have the ability to add freight data to their products that display in DistributorCentral, however, not all suppliers have the necessary information available to provide an accurate quote estimate. 

To prevent orders from being placed on your website with no freight charges, you can change preferences within your account to calculate freight based off of a flat rate, percentage of order total, and more.

  1. First we will access the website preferences by clicking on the Account menu 
  2. Click on Preferences 
  3. Click on Website Preferences
  4. If you have more than 1 website, click Website Preferences to the right of your website. (If you only have one site, you should be taken into the preferences page automatically.)

Now that we have accessed our website preferences, we can now adjust our shipping preferences:

  1. On the Preference's page, click Shipping in the left box
  2. Now to the right, find the shipping preference How Should Shipping be calculated on orders?
  3. The options below this will give you flexibility to decide the method that works best for your company:
    1. If you choose to have a percentage, or rate added to your order, you will need to enter that value in the following preference field.
  4. Click Save your update and save your changes



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