How to Convert a Quote to an Order

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Quickly convert a quote, that you've created for your customers, into an Order: 

  1. Click Orders in the left menu
  2. Choose Quotes
  3. Select Quotes to Customers
  4. On the Quote search page, enter the quote number you need to convert
    1. if you don't have the quote number, click Recent Quotes - 30 days
  5. Click Searchfile-saZYbQXxGh.png

  6. In the Quote Result, find your quote, and click details to the rightfile-VqRay4fmKG.png

  7. On the Preview Quote page, click the What Do You Want To Do? dropdown to the top right
  8. In the drop-down select Convert To Orderfile-GFEmySJz52.png

  9. Click Gofile-pd6QkccmdI.png
  10. Your quote will be converted into an order


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