How to Email Products

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Use the Product List Tools to create product groups and send them to your customer. 

NOTE: You can only email 10 products at a time. If you need to send more than 10 then creating a presentation site would be the best option - Customer Presentations

  1. Click Products in your left menu
  2. Choose Product Search in the sub menu to open your product search page
  3. Within the Product Search page, you can create a new product list >>, or open a saved list >> 
  4. With your Product List tab open, click the Email Products option to the left of your Product List ribbon
  5. In the Email Product List modal, select and existing customer in the Choose an Existing Customer drop down - OR -  If you are sending to an email address that is not associated with an existing customer, type the recipient email address in the Send to Additional Email Addresses field instead (leaving the Choose and Existing Customer drop down set to "Select...")
  6. If you have more than one website in your account, select a website that you want the products to link back to
  7. Review and adjust the remaining email details such as: Your Email, Your Name, Subject, Message, and whether you would like to receive a copy of this email
  8. Before sending, preview the message by clicking the Preview button at the bottom of the Email Products modal
  9. When you're ready, click the Send Email button to send the message to your recipient

Tip: Customize product details before sending by clicking the Customize Email button

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