Update a Saved Search

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You can add or remove filters & search criteria to the Saved Searches in your account. Here's how:

  1. In your distributor dashboard, click Products menu in the left side menu
  2. In the options below click Product Search
  3. On the Product Search page, click the Saved Searches button under the Refine Your Search keyword field
  4. In the Save Searches window that appears, locate your search that you would like to update
  5. Make sure the Saved Search is unlocked by looking to the right of your search, if the search is locked, click on the locked padlock to unlock it
  6. Once you've confirmed that your Saved Search is unlocked, click the Open Saved Search button
  7. Once your Saved Search is loaded, apply or adjust your search criteria (add or remove filters etc)
  8. When you're done, click the Save This Search button found under the Refine Your Search keyword field
  9. In the Save Search window that appears, click the Update Saved Search radio button
  10. Ensure that that Saved Search name you want to update appears in the Saved Search dropdown (by default, your last opened search will be listed here)
  11. Lastly, click the Save button to update your Saved Search 

Note: Updating a Saved Search overrides the current search criteria with your newly selected search criteria. If you are updating an account-wide search, these changes will be visible to all users in the account.


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