How to Create a Quote

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Distributors - Send a quote to your customer when you'd like to show them and estimated total for the products they've selected for ordering. Here is how to create a quote in your Distributor Dashboard:

  1. To start, enter an item number or keyword to find the product that's to be added to a quote
  2. Hit enter on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass to start your search
  3. On the search results page, find the product and click Add to Listfile-miH8YnJxx7.png

  4. Repeat the search and Add to List actions if you have more than one product to add to this quote
  5. When you have all the needed products added to your lists, click the Product List tab at the bottom right cornerfile-ypHp5rM0CX.png

  6. In your Product List tools section, click Create Quote

  7. On the next screen
    1. Enter the desired quantity
    2. Customize the pricing adjustments as needed
    3. Select whether you'd like to show tax and/or freight
    4. Enter the ZIP code to be used to calculate Tax and Freight
    5. Enter the State for Tax and Freight
    6. Select the Quote layout you'd like. (Detail View or List View)
  8. Click Create Quote 
  9. Now, on the Customize Quote page you can...
    1. Name your quote
    2. Add a customer
    3. Review and make changes to the product detailsfile-RTxpJAwdfi.png

  10. When everything is customer-ready, click Finishfile-5wHswHAM4s.png

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