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The FavIcon is the graphic image (logo) that displays in the browser tab next to your website name. This icon also saves in browser Favorites, and History next to any of your websites pages. 

How to add a FavIcon (you will need to have a graphic PNG file that is at least 512px x 512px in size)

  1. In the the website editor, go to the panel on the left and click on the Settings tab (at the top next to Library)
  2. Under the "Global" section, click on Edit Icon
  3. Click the Select File button
  4.  Select the source where your PNG file is located, or drag it to this target window
  5. Navigate to the file location of your PNG file then click the Open button
  6. You can then move or scale the selection to use on your image file before clicking Save
    NOTE: Be careful not to select an area that becomes smaller than 512 x 512 px or you will receive an Error message when you upload in the next step
  7. Click the Upload button when you have made your final edits on your image (If you receive an Error message, more than likely you are using the wrong file type, or the file or your selection area is smaller than 512 x 512px)
  8. Click the Done button (lower right) to select and enable your FavIcon
  9. Click the Save button to update your website with the FavIcon changes. (NOTE: You will need to refresh your website page, or click the Live Preview in order to see your new FavIcon)

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