How to Add a Document Link to the Navbar Block

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Adding a document link to the navbar allows your customers to be able to access the document on any page of your website.  

Note: You will need to have your document(s) already uploaded in your document library (click HERE to learn how)

    1. Open the Website Editor (click HERE to learn how)
    2. Once in the Website Editor find the Navbar block on the left side menu
    3. Once you find the Navbar block click on the pencil icon to the right or just double click on the Navbar itself on the layout on the right
    4. Now that you are editing the Navbar click on the + Link at the bottom.

Note: You can choose whether you want to add it to the "Left Side", "Right Side" of the Navbar

    1. Next select the link for your document

Note: Once you have chosen the link you can click on the pencil icon and select if you want to have it open in a new tab.  By default it will open in the same winow.

  1. Click Done
  2. Save your website changes

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