Fulfillment Accounts: How to Add Custom Products to a Website

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As a fulfillment account user, you can create custom products for your website. Once your products are created, you can find your custom products in your main account search where they can be added one-by-one to product lists.

  1. Quickly add products using our Copy Supplier Products tool
  2. Once your products are created, return to your parent account
  3. In your website account, go to your Product Search page
  4. Next, from the product search results page, create a new product list
  5. With your new list opened, start a search for a custom item number, or filter the search by a supplier to pull in all of your custom products. 
  6. When your product appears in the search results, add the product to your Product List
  7. Repeat these steps for each item
  8. When your list is complete, add the Product List to your website
  9. Lastly, Publish your website Product Collection changes

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