Fulfillment Accounts: How to Remove Custom Products from a Website

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As a fulfillment account user, you can create custom products and add them to your website. Once products have been added you can remove them from your website by removing the product from the appropriate Product Lists. Follow these steps to remove a custom product from: 

  1. In your product search bar, enter the item number of the product you'll remove from your website & start your search
  2. When your product displays in the result, find the "more" icon in the bottom right corner of the product (see below)

  3. Click the more icon in the bottom right corner of the product card to open the Add/Remove Product from Selected Lists modal
  4. Toggle the button to the right of each list that you want to remove this product from 
    • If the toggle button is green, then your product IS added to that list.
    • If it's dark gray the product IS NOT added to that list
  5. Click Save at the bottom right corner to save your changes

Your Product Lists changes will automatically update in your website Product Collections

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