Getting Started: Proof Management

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Proof Management with DistributorCentral!

Systematically upload, send, and manage proofs to boost customer satisfaction with DistributorCentral’s comprehensive Proof Management solution!

DistributorCentral’s Proof Management solution facilitates supplier and distributor cooperation to review, adjust, and approve final order artwork before sending the order into production.

Features include:

  • Easily add, save, or send PDF proofs to any order
  • Attach a required approval due date to a proof
  • View PDF proofs conveniently inside DistributorCentral
  • Client friendly proof review link automatically included in proof ready notification sent to distributors
  • Quickly add and send updated proof versions
  • Lookup proofs by statuses like approved, not approved, and pending
  • View and download proof files from previous DC orders at any time

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  3. How to View Proofs to Customers
  4. How to View a Purchase Order's Proof History

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