Getting Started: Reorder Reminders

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Reorder Reminders with DistributorCentral!

Use DC's Reorder Reminders feature to manage potential reoccurring orders, simplify the reorder process, and create lasting relationships with your customers!

Use Reorder Reminders to...

  • Set reorder dates for orders
  • View all orders that are due for reordering in one place
  • Send your customers reorder emails in bulk or one-by-one 

DC's Reorder Reminders make reorder management easy and placing reorders even easier for your customers! 

  1. Customer receives your reorder email
  2. When they're ready to reorder, your customer clicks "Place Your Order Today" (a link included in your reorder emails by default)
  3. Your customer is taken to the website of your choice and jumped to the reorder's review & confirmation page with the original order details preloaded
  4. After reviewing and/or making needed changes to the reorder, your customer will click Finish at the bottom of the page to submit the order

Learn more...

  1. How to Set a Reorder Reminder Date on an Order
  2. How to View Your Reorder Reminder List
  3. How to Send Reorder Emails in Bulk
  4. How to Send Reorder Emails Individually
  5. How to Change the Website for a Customer Reorder Email
  6. How to Set a Default Email Message for All Reorder Reminders
  7. How to Set the Date Span Used to Display Your Reorders

* In DistributorCentral reorders are unique and flagged as an exact reorder or a reorder with changes. Every reorder includes a link to the previous order. 

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