XML Data Feed: Item List

Use the item-list function to result a file url that contains a list of all active items in DC or filtered items by your API key. The primary use of this function would be to quickly get a list of every SupplierItemGUID to use in subsequent calls to other APIs such as Product Information. 

Product file returned contains 3 fields;  CompanyName (name of supplier), CompanyAccountGuid (unique supplier identifier), and SupplierItemGuid (unique supplier item identifier)

URL: https://prod-api.distributorcentral.com/xml/item-list?


Parameters Required

filterbycollections Parameter (optional):

This parameter is used to optionally filter the product results by any product collection filters you may have defined on your API key. 

Note: The response will contain a link to a file which could take up to 10 minutes to become available. The file url will respond with "access denied" until the file is available. This is because this kind of request takes extra time to process.

Sample Response


Product File Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <COMPANYNAME><![CDATA[Test Company]]></COMPANYNAME>

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