XML Data Feed: How to Find a Product Collection's CatalogGUID Number

Now that you've created your custom Product Collection, you will need your Product Collection's catalogGUID number for your XML Feed. Follow these steps to find the Product Collection's catalogGUID:

  1. Click Products in the left side menu

  2. Choose Feeds and Plugins

  3. Find the XML Product Data Feeds section (3rd section from the top) 27.png

  4. Click Edit to the right of your XML Feed28.png

  5. Then click Edit Products on the next screen

  6. Click the Preview link to the right of your Product Collection30.png

  7. In the preview window, find and copy the catalogGUID number found at the very end of the URL in the address bar as shown below:

    https://www.distributorcentral.com/preview/A79F2E33-65FC-4C1B-A0F9-197133B1C608/p/catalog/{{YOUR CatalogGUID NUMBER}}


  8. Now that you have your CatalogGUID, add it to your XML URL to return products within that collection   

Sample XML Results

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 	<COMPANYNAME><![CDATA[Fields Manufacturing]]></COMPANYNAME>
 	<ITEMNAME><![CDATA[Adhesive Notepad 3x3 25 sheets]]></ITEMNAME>
	<SUPLITEMNO><![CDATA[N33 notepads sticky notes]]></SUPLITEMNO>

 	<ITEMNAME><![CDATA[Magnetic Note Pad - Stock Things To Do (50 Sheet)]]></ITEMNAME>

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