How to Access OneSource Endpoints

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Access our PromoStandards data endpoints through OneSource by DistributorCentral. Create a free distributor or service provider OneSource account to get started: 

Register for a Free Distributor or Service Provider Account: 

  1. To start, go to
  2. Next, fill in the registration form with your Company and User information
  3. Click Register after reviewing the Terms of Use
  4. Your account will typically be approved within 24hrs of registering. 
  5. After you receive an email notification indicating your account's approval, you can sign in to your OneSource account.

Find PromoStandards Data Endpoints in OneSource:

  1. Go to and sign in to your OneSource account
  2. Once logged in, find the supplier's company name under the Supplier Services section (You can use the search bar or scroll through the list)
  3. Click the arrow to the left of the supplier's company name to expand their available services
  4. With the supplier's services expanded, you'll see: 
    1. Supplier Code - This supplier's unique code to pass into the endpoint URL
    2. Service Name - The PromoStandards services this supplier has
    3. WsVersion - The web service version the supplier uses for the service
    4. Accessible - Indicates whether the service can be accessed
    5. WSDL Link - The specific supplier's service endpoint URL
  5. Click the WSDL Link to the right of the service you need to access


  • The following template can be used to create the endpoint for the given supplier's service:{ Supplier Code}/{ Service Code}/{ WS Version}/soap


  • Use any of the following service codes within an endpoint for a given supplier:



Product Data Product
Product Data & Configuration PPC
Media Content MED
Inventory INV

More About OneSource

OneSource was built from the ground-up to make PromoStandards attainable for every promotional products company.  It’s the result of a vision that started more than two decades ago at DistributorCentral.

Today, OneSource offers easy access to every PromoStandards supplier's data from a single location using a robust API that can easily handle millions of requests. OneSource’s web services are standard SOAP APIs to match the PromoStandards organization’s active APIs, however, you can look forward to JSON/REST and GraphQL versions in the future.











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