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Create a personalized presentation with a customer logo and unique URL! 

Follow these steps to create a customer presentation website:

  1. While logged into your DistributorCentral dashboard, click the Websites option in the left hand menu
  2. Click Hosting Manager in the dropdown options
  3. Next, when the Hosting page loads, click the Add New Website button to the right
  4. On the Create New Website Wizard page, find the Customer Presentation template (should be first in the list) 
  5. Click the Use This Template button in the top right of the Customer Presentation template block
  6. Next, you can Name your presentation website (It would make sense to name it after the customer its created for)
  7. After you've named your website, you can edit the URL your customers will use to access the website. The prefix entered here will precede as shown below:
  8. Then upload your customers logo by clicking the + Select File... button and choosing the file in your computer files
  9. Click the Just One More Step button at the bottom of the page
  10. Now you will be taken to the confirmation page where you can review your presentation settings and make last minute changes as needed
  11. Once everything is ready, click the Create My Website! button at the bottom of the page
  12. Once complete, you will see a message indicating that your website has been created successfully

Now that your customer's presentation website is created, start adding product ideas for them to view. There is no limit to the number of products or lists to add to this website. 
Note: Before you get started adding products, we have found that creating a specific breakdown of product lists works best.  For example, creating a list for "cups" and a separate one for "pens" gives your customer the best experience.

  1. While logged into your DistributorCentral dashboard, enter a keyword in the top search bar
  2. Hit Enter on your keyboard, or click the Magnifying glass button to start the search
  3. On the product results page, click the Add to List button under each product you want to show your customer
  4. Once you have added all the products for this keyword search, click the Product Lists Tools tab at the bottom of the page
  5. Here you should see all the products you've added, click the Add to Website link
  6. In the Add to Website window that appears, add a Name for your List (the name you select is customer-facing so it needs to be relevant to the products in the list) 
  7. In the Website dropdown, select the presentation website you've created
  8. Click the Add to Website button to convert your list and to add it to your presentation website
  9. Now back in your Product List Tools, you can save this list for future reference >> Learn how to save your list and add new ones 
  10. When your ready to move on to your next set of products, click the "X" in the top right of the Manage Lists window
  11. Then click the Clear All link in Product List Tools
  12. Repeat steps 1 - 11 as needed

Once you have your website created, and you've added product ideas, send the custom URL to your customer. 

Here's how to get more out your customer presentations! 

  • After the URL is sent, you can continue to add product lists for your customer see on the website in real time whenever needed. 
  • Customers can even create their own lists from the presentation website and send their product selections back to you creating a two way system of communication that allows you to provide more specific products to your customer as you go. 
  • If you want to take it a step further, activate the shopping cart and add payment processing so that customers can order products right from their personalized presentation website.
  • See views and clicks on each website via DistributorCentral reports menu  >> Learn How to Generate Website Reports

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