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The popularity of Company Stores has grown and DC is committed to making the process easier for distributors and end users. This guide will provide you the tools to create and display your custom items for your company store.  We have simplified a handful of products from the top Suppliers that can be used on Company Stores.  You can view the entire list here.

  1. To get started you will need access your Fulfillment account.
  2. Once you are in your Fulfillment account click on Products > Advanced Features
  3. Next click on Copy Supplier Products
  4. Fill in the information based on the item you want to copy from Supplier account DC Stores DC# 957298 and then click Submit as shown in the example below:

  5. After you have copied over the Product you can edit the information as need.
  6. If you would like to know the original item# and Supplier you can email us at

Still need help?  Check out our Product Templates video part of our Company Stores series



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